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Since coming back from traveling I have been trying to improve my strength as I lost over a stone in weight, with that also a lot of strength gains I had made previously.
After 9 months of implementing a strength based programme, mixed with a German volume training approach. I have been able to put back on the stone I lost and more importantly increased my bench 1RM by 25kg and my squat by 20kg.
For me this is huge and I am still striving to increase my lift strength.
Over the 9 months I have been using a method called wave loading, whereby I increase the weight lifted after each set, drop it and increase over sets again. This enables me to overload my nervous system and increase the loads during a session. I really enjoy this type of training as it is low reps and longer rest periods, In addition I mix it with super sets to increase the volume of the session but also speed it up.
It's important to mention that a de-load period is important due to the constant load on the nervous system.
A typical Bench session for me would be;

Bench press 9 sets with 3 waves.
Reps- 6,4,2 x3
Each time I am able to increase the load on each wave even if it's just by 1.25kg
After each set I will complete reps of chin ups dependent on the amount of reps I have done on the bench.

Have a go and see how it feels for you when training. Give me a message if you want help designing a plan.

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