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Hey all,

Happy new year!

I just wanted to start by saying it's great that you are all embracing a natural way of life and I love that you are looking at new and fresh brands.

I recently tried a really cool brand called Virtue Energy Water, they offer a natural alternative to the current energy drink market. With so many current drinks out there being bad for our health with excess sugar, this is a real treat.

Virtue have found a way to mix real fruit flavors with caffeine to give you that extra kick you need. With a cheeky few added vitamins like B12 and B6 it offers a healthy way to boost your vitamin count too.

I often go to the gym and need that little pick me up after a bit of a grind, so I tried the drink and found the taste to be fresh and zingy in particular the lemon and lime. This was my favorite and gave me a cheeky buzz before training.

if you drink energy drinks and want to find a healthier option then they are definitely worth a go! I think the most important factor is that there is no added sugar and sweeteners. The use of sweeteners in fizzy drinks can cause a number of issues with gut health.

We really love this product and think that you will too, give it a go and you will see what we mean.

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Be Happy




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