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  • Health
  • by Administrator
  • 23-04-2018
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It is important when changing diet that you provide the body with all the essential nutrients it needs, which all can be found from a plant based diet.

Key things to remember when choosing a meat free diet;

1. Increase almond uptake to maintain calcium
2. Increase Iron from foods, spinach can be a good example
3. Maintain complete amino acids you get from meat, can be found in quinoa, buckwheat and chia seeds.
4. Invest in a Vegan protein powder if you are training and need to hit a set protein gram a day
5. Variety is key, replace meat with natural sources of protein such as chickpeas, beans and Tofu. There are so many great tofu recipes out there and taste really good.
6. Avoid meat replacements such as Quorn, or frozen pre-made burgers, they can taste good but are artificially created and not good on the body. Burgers are very easy to make and recipes are a plenty.


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