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Meal Prep!!

Epic word really and puts a lot of people of making meals. For me it means finding quick meals that allow me to be healthy but also still function. We're all busy and the idea of slogging out an 1hour and 30 minute meal doesn't seem possible.

I focus on proteins that I can cook and heat in minutes, and add to rice or cous cous and still hold it's flavor.

One way of achieving this is to order in the protein from an ethical source. I chose recently to order a Tempeh bundle from Vegan Nutrition Store.

Initially there was some issues around delivery due to the courier, however the store took it upon themselves to hand deliver my parcel to ensure I didn't miss out. Which was incredibly refreshing to see a brand go above and beyond. Even chucking in a free pizza whoop.

The bundle itself contained a variety a Tofu and flavored Tempeh. Such as BBQ and sweet and sour. One thing to note is that Tempeh is fermented so can be eaten straight away, and offers some nutritional gut health benefits.

I lightly fried the BBQ Tempeh in coconut oil to warm it up, literally for only 1 minute. Added it to rice and hummus with a few green Veg.

The consistency was great, had a real bite to it and the BBQ flavor really came through. I tried a bite before heating and although the crisp wasn't there the taste held up. Adding to a salad would be a possibility.

The biggest benefit to me was the quickness and nutritional benefit to this product. It came sealed and neatly packaged, wrapped in a cooler bag to maintain it's temperature.

I will be ordering from Vegan Nutrition store again as the products were of good quality and the brand obviously cares about me as a customer.

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