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  • 16-04-2018
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When we arrived in Phucket the first thing people told us was you need to visit 7/11, it has all you need to survive on if you don’t fancy eating too much local food. What we didn’t realise was they are everywhere, on street corners in supermarkets and even on the islands. This shop is great for providing you with the essentials but really should be avoided if your looking for a hot meal!!  

In Thailand we spent most of our time in the south, island hopping. We first went to Koh-Lanta which was only a minibus drive from Krabi, a large town with many travel companies willing to help organise travel. Before you head over just take your time to visit the local market for it has some great taster dishes from chocolate pineapple to deep fried potato balls. More interestingly there are some amazing temples in Krabi which are free to walk around and definitely worth a visit.

On this island there is many local dishes to munch on, the south is known for it’s spicy curries. To which we ate in a local restaurant with a really nice owner who upon asking for a Tofu curry, wanted to know what percentage spicy we would like. He proceeded to show us a chart and how people have liked it in the past, I went for 30% which was way too hot for me but it was a really tasty curry. You will find loads of little local places that make amazing curries and tofu dishes, don’t be afraid to try and taste it all.

We then took a boat over to a tiny island called Koh-Mook, this boasts of emerald green seas and a huge open sandy beach. However one side of the island is owned by a huge hotel, but if you head to the eastern side of the island you can walk behind the houses to a hotel that allows the public to sit and enjoy the tasty views out to sea. Grab a iced Thai tea and enjoy the view. I truly loved this island and although small it really feels like you’re living with the locals and has a homely feel to it, we stayed in some bamboo huts which were cool at night and boasted sea views.

On our way back towards the mainland and Bangkok we visited Ao-Nang which is south of Krabi, and has a beautiful blue sea and a more developed town to visit and enjoy a night on the town. From here we made a base and rented a scooter, visiting the tiger temple which amazingly is free, however to reach the top of the mountain there are over a 1000 steps! It was a very sacred place and proper clothing was vital, we had a special day driving around the town and countryside taking in the sites. This was made better by stopping of a the local market to buy a Thai tea, banana and chocolate covered pancake so yummy!!  

We loved Thailand, the people are so kind and the food is special, being a veggie is not hard with dishes like pad Thai, and tofu curry how can you go wrong. I always just asked for a dish instead of chicken to have tofu and they will always say yes.  

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