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  • 12-04-2018
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Hey, thought I would share a few of my favorite products that I use to strengthen and help reduce gut inflammation. Mainly focused on increasing health gut bacteria, increasing fiber and reducing lactose.

Lactose free-

Alpro Almond Yogurt- I find this in most big supermarkets and has higher protein count than the natural version and includes healthy gut bacteria.

Almond Milk- I find this tastier than Soya milk and the un-sweetend version doesn't have any nasty sugar or sweeteners added in.

Whole Earth Almond Butter- Again almond keeps popping up but the main reason is that it's high in calcium and can rival any cows milk on the amount contained.

Also the Waitrose avacado butter is cheap and tastes pretty good.

Coconut cream- this one is my personal favorite as I started using cream in my coffee to reduce the amount of lactose in comparison to milk so this has a similar consistency. Bit like Marmite this one try and see.

Fiber Boosting-

Organic Cocoa Powder- I buy this and the next from bulk powders I find they are the cheapest and really good quality. Very high in fiber but also in protein, add to water or a shake, plus really tasty too. Also can now get it at Aldi.

Baboa Powder- Originates from Ethiopia, and is a tree seed ground down, not the best tasting but very high in fiber and once in a shake can't taste it.

Rice or pea Protein- I personally buy a 1kg pouch of Vegan protein from revolution foods  and has a good amino acid chain and is not whey protein so no lactose. Which for me was the reason for a lot of my gut issues. We have a discount code on our member area check it out.

All of these are my personal favorites give them a go and see what you think, try alternatives if you want a balanced opinion and always shop around there are different pricing at each supermarkets.


Love to get some feedback on some of these products!!

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