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Hey all!!

So this month I have been super lucky to have been able to test Smart tea NZ awesome 14 day detox tea. Perfect timing with it being post Christmas bloat fest. 

So the plan was to have a morning brew and take it to work, then enjoy an evening brew whilst reading my book. I used the green tea at times through the day when I was home based. I did still enjoy a few coffees but not in the morning.

For me not having a coffee in the morning was a big change and was a little hard at the start I have to admit. But I found the morning brew a real joy! Felt awake, energised and not missing the coffee after a few days. The fragrance of the bags was really refreshing and quite enjoyed the smells.

The real treat was having a natural drink to enjoy late at night, as coffee or normal tea just isn't what I need to zen out and wind down for the evening. Having that natural alternative was such a boost.

Overall the taste is great and they are really open with the ingredients they use. The detox definitely works in that my stomach in particular feels a lot less solid and bloated, which from the holiday period was what I needed.

I would really recommend this product when you need that alternative to caffeine, you want to feel fresh and clean and need that change in intake.

We are really excited to have a new partnership with Smart tea NZ so if you'd like the sound of the product you can get an exclusive discount on your order when you join Veggienut, click the link to get going now!!!

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