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As in my previous post I am always looking into different ways to get protein into my diet.

I focused last time on the organic Tofu and Tempeh, range and ways to fit that into a quick and easy dish.

Tofu or soy bean are very versatile and can be added to many dishes, however it does have it's limits when in it's block form. I wanted to find other ways to eat soy bean that can still give me protein, but add a little extra to my meals.

I found a brand on Instagram called Sgaia Vegan meats who offer Mheats, soy based protein with extra flavorings and likeness to meat.

Firstly I love the name Mheat a great play on the word, always good to challenge people's perspective of what meat can be.

I ordered a BBQ pack with the view to making a few dishes I really missed initially when deciding not to eat meat, which was a Burger and Carbonara Sauce.

The package came neatly wrapped up in a cool bag and cardboard, I put on a video showing the mixed box I received. I initially tried the blend of Sun-dried Tomatoes, Italian Herbs and Onion burger and found it to be a real treat.

The texture was full and rich with a cheeky crunch, that I have to say really mirrors the texture of meat. The herbs used blended well and stayed on the tongue into the next bite. (making me salavate just writing this)

If a comparison was to be drawn between meat, only the size may differ in that the mheat was thinner, however the texture in the mouth more than makes up for it.

But in truth a comparison is not needed, the quality of the mheat should be treated in it's own right a great option to spice up your protein options, adding to a good price and easy delivery(next day if you order on a Monday) they should be viewed as a monthly buy and freeze option.

For me being able to grab out a quality protein option out of the freezer is invaluable.

Next stop use the rashers to create a Vegan Carbonara dish!!

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