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The future of peanut butter!!

In my time I have tried many peanut butters, (weirdo) and I can honestly say this brand has got it going on!!

First of all it is palm oil and sugar free so in terms of a healthy option it has it all. Usually peanut butter unless you go for the premium brands, have some element of oil mixture to make it smooth.

Secondly the consistency is really smooth, and holds up well in a shake which is where I mostly use the contents of. However it also mixes well with granola or cornflakes (gluten free) a cheeky Sunday breakfast of mine.

In addition to the usual flavors most brand will offer, serious spreads comes into it's own with limited edition offers of peanut butter cups, (my personal favorite) blueberries and choc chip. These additions make it a different kind of peanut butter, one that keeps the fun and honesty of a healthy peanut butter but also delivers on flavor and texture.

If you're looking for a new way to eat peanut butter then look no further than serious spreads, they are serious about their spreads!!

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