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Hey Guys 

Wanted to update you on a new product that I have found on Instagram, because this is the best way to find new and exciting brands. 

They are called Raw Chocolate Co

Firstly who doesn't love chocolate, whoop. So testing these products wasn't a bore ha. Initially they ticked a few boxes for me before ordering. The products are Organic, gluten free and the packaging is eco friendly. Specifically bio degradable and fully recyclable.  

What really stood out was the 72% cocoa, often this is a clear indicator that the chocolate is high quality and worth a try. 

Once they arrived the packaging immediately caught my eye, with some bold colours each representing well their flavours. It was like a lucky dip of yumminess. 

I went straight for the salty caramel, always is my personal favourite flavour combo. The texture is smooth and shiny with a great softness on the tongue. A real treat and works great with a black coffee (might just be me on this one). 

I have to say the flavour really carries and you get a freshness and creamy taste that really brings you back for more. I really struggled not to eat 3 bars in one sitting ha. I have saved dark chocolate for my mother in law as I know she will love it. She never has anything less than 72% cocoa. 

These bars wouldn't look out of place on a supermarket shelf, but with an added bonus off coming from Organic and real ingredients. This guilty pleasure becomes a weekly treat, when you know it's not that bad for you. 

I would really recommend you give these a go you won't be disappointed. 


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