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Hey all,

In this festive season of cheer one thing is certain, there is not always time for cleaning. However, as we all know we get visitors from family and a good old spring clean is in order.

This week I have been lucky enough to try out a really cool new collection of natural fragrance cleaning products. I tested out a cleaning spray, and fragrance block.

I have to say after cleaning my car with the spray, the passion fruit smell was yummy and holds it's smell really well. A few stains on the chair came right out and didn't have that toxic hint running through the air after spraying.

After cleaning I placed the block in my cup holder and has really made a difference in the atmosphere of the car, giving me a jolt of apple every time I open the door. Really impressed with the release of smell, given that is fully natural.

The products are super cool and made up of a formula of essential oils. These oils are being used more and more these days, this is great as we have found an ace way to harness nature and not pollute our air.

If your looking for a perfect way to clean your house, car or remove odours then I'd really give Powair a try.

We have given them our Veggienut seal of approval and have an exclusive discount code on offer.

Happy cleaning this festive period,


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