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Pizza pizza pizza. 

You gotta love it, I know I do! 

I am very much a carb fiend, love the stuff and a good pizza is often a go to of mine. Since deciding not to eat meat, finding a Vegan pizza can be tricky. Toppings can be an issue because often cheese brings a lot to the table, in texture, fat and all round yumminess. The secret to a great pizza for me is no doubt the quality of cheese. 

Vegan cheese can be really hit or miss, and often disappointing. So getting it right on a pizza is key. 

I recently tried a cool brand with a even cooler name One Planet Pizza.

They stock their pizzas in a wide range of shops and wholesalers including online shop the Vegan Kind. They offer real frozen Vegan and Gluten free pizzas.  

I tried the Mediterranean, and 3 Sheeze Pizza's.

Firstly they defrost very well, with minimal water left on the side, with the base still set in it's original case. I cooked mine for 25 minutes in a 180 temperature to ensure even coverage. 

The Mediterranean base was a great consistency, and offered all the best bits of a wholegrain bread. The gem that stood out for me was the spices, they really added a subtle texture and oomph that lit up the pizza. 

Firstly I love the name 3 sheeze pizza, and it defiantly was sheezy! The base was soft and moreish, and the tofu bits were a cheeky addition on top. What stood out to me was the quality of the cheese they used, it was rich, thick and beautifully stringy. It takes you on a real rollercoaster ride of tastes, we really enjoyed it. 

It can be hard to find a good vegan pizza, and I have to say I will be putting this pizza on my monthly treat wish list for a great Saturday night feast. 

I also wanted to say that the name, branding and underlying ethos of this company is great, and through a mutual love (pizza) they are sharing good vibes. This is very important and is a way to engage all people to find a common love. 


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