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  • 16-04-2018
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Why am I sitting here typing this story? Well, for me my transition from a fully fledged meat eater to a vegan started in January 1st 2016. However you could say that starting a daily routine of meditation each day has opened my eyes and mind into how we as humans are affecting the world around us.

I became very aware of my impact upon animals and how my choices dictated others livelihoods and methods of treating animals. So after a Christmas period I made a vow to stop eating meat and to buy sustainable animal products such as free range and organic. I can safley say I have never had any health problems or even issues choosing what food to eat, I am lucky enough to have a strong support network who understand my choice and are willing to adapt. In particular my wife Laura has been amazing in finding meals for us both to eat and accepting my change in lifestyle and fully supporting me not just with consent but with action, and that is so important to me.

My past experience working in personal training, teaching and running a sports therapy business have enabled me to plan and prepare my meals correctly not just to avoid meat but to ensure my meals are just as nutritionally beneficial for me. Such as when cutting meat out finding good alternative protein sources is incredibly important and also replacing vitamins such as Iron, Zinc and Magnesium.

My hope is that anyone who is facing a decision to either stop eating meat has that support network I have had and that I can provide some of the nutritional know-how when it comes to getting the body what it needs.

Through my blog and member area I want to help you make that decision to improve your happiness and well-being in a supportive and healthy manner.

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