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A blog about boxers hmmmm, sure why not?

Well not just any boxers that is but a special brand doing some special things right now.

Firstly Marcskid is a great name choice rather tongue in cheek but I love it, really reflects this fun and playful brand.

As you can see by the picture the product itself is bright and bold, much like the intentions of the brand. A huge vibe from this brand is that they give a portion of the money made directly to charity, and the product itself is made entirely from recyclable products.

Specifically from recycled bottles, repreve chip and recycled card. In addition to this the boxers are USDA organic and Non GMO.

I was initially wowed by the box it comes in, with a playful cartoon origin story on the back and cool bumper stickers to boot.

However more importantly above all else the quality, fit and style has to be right of the boxers to ensure it is not just a cool gimic. For me the design is sleek, the weight is light and the length is great. I often buy shorts that ride up due to my leg size, whereas these stayed in shape and didn't rub. Plus the texture is very soft!

This brand is going to go far if it continues to show a mix of playfulness and compassionate guidance both towards the customer and the planet. This I echoed by the brand receiving the good brand award for 2018.

The brand is currently US based and shipping to the UK is available but can be costly due to customs tax being applied when it arrives. However it is still worth it and a must buy for 2018.

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