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I am always on the lookout for a great peanut butter! 

There are loads you can grab from a supermarket or local store, but are they really that good for you? 

Question is do you want an oily butter that adds excess calories to your day? If so then great loads of choice right! 

However for me I want to eat peanut butter that will give me the required protein, but also be free of any additives and oils that can block my arteries. 

I always look out for the products that can process the peanut without the use of oil and without the use of stabilisers. For me they are few and far between, especially at the supermarket. Not to mention the skyrocket prices when going "premium". 

Recently I came across a brand on IG, as you do! Called Manilife they roast and process the peanuts only with sea salt. Yes I love the sound of that finally no oils.

I purchased a box of 3 blend to get a wide range of roasts that they use. Firstly I tried the deep roast, which was a real dark and textured experience brimming with depth. In terms of flavour it was on the bitter side, which for me is perfect as I eat it on it's own.

The creamy blend however is really yummy! It blends really great with a bowl of porridge or for my cheat meal a bowl of granola. You won't believe it's not got sugar in it, as the flavour really carries on the tongue.

I bought the starter pack so I could try the different blends, and for £12 it was a bargain, in both health and flavour. £4 for a quality peanut butter is a great bargain and shouldn't be compared to a £1 oily supermarket blend. 

If you are looking to increase your protein count and want a healthier option then defiantly give them a go! Or even to spice up your porridge. 

Have a Nutty day!! 



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