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Hey all,

I'd like to introduce you to a new brand of coffee, based in the Cheshire area called Kickback Coffee. 

It's a great new brand that offer's coffee that is roasted in Cheshire and boasts only a short best before date, which for anyone who knows coffee is a sure sign it's a cracker.

I have been trying their new Honduras blend from Cerro Azul, and it's a real treat! As you can see by the picture, the crema on top is golden and shiny. Taste is moreish and silky on the throat.

This particular blend has summer fruit and berry cheesecake notes with a real punchy flavor. Perfect for my 4 o'clock wind up time.

This brand boasts of a full natural processing of the beans and origin stories for all the beans that are farmed.

For me the coffee has a real natural and fun edge to it and well worth a try! You can find them at various events around Cheshire or on their website.

We love this coffee so much we have an exclusive Veggienut code for you on the Honduras blend, and amazing 30% off.

Code is Veg30 use at their checkout. We have loads of other great codes on our website head to sign up page and enter your details. For only £1 get loads of discounts on Vegan and ethical brands.


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