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  • 01-05-2018
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Visiting Japan was as special as we though it would be, showing us a wide range of lifestyles, history and natural beauty.  

Our first destination was to the huge city of Tokyo, and after landing into Narita airport it was very easy to travel via train right into the center of Tokyo. We found using the loadable Suica card very easy and just jumped on the many trains heading into the city. During our time in Tokyo we headed to the akinhabara area to witness what can only be described as the electrical district. This is a hive of activity no matter what time of the day, where you can visit gaming stores 6 floors up or grab a coffee in character themed waiters. There are many cheeky food stalls along the road where you can get red bean pastries or a quick bite of noodles.

After a brief flight to Osaka we stayed in multiple areas and really got a flavor for how this big city has developed. It acted as a hub for us to travel out and visit the great natural sites of Japan. One that really stood out for me was the mountain called Mount Ikoma, a short train ride from Shin-Osaka station. You can walk all the way to the top, where it hosts this little theme park, which is only open part of the time and boasts views across the city. (very creepy) However my favorite element was the Zen Temple, that zinged with silence and awe. It was a beautiful place that will be in my memories for a lifetime.

Whilst in Japan we got trains and flights to visit a few of the key areas, one in particular was Kyoto. This is a small but idylic place hosting some of the most historical sites of Japan, including the Bamboo forest. Most sites you will need to pay for but there are many areas you can just walk through, including the local market. One food that must be eaten and as random as it sounds it’s Lawton’s Egg sandwich. Lawton’s is Japans version of 7-11 in Thailand and will not fail in giving you the bare essentials. You have to try it to see just how great it is!!

Japan was a crazy and wonderful place, with many areas of interest, you have to visit and would be on many people's visit list. Food was tricky at times, but they have many options around egg and noodles. We loved scooting around supermarkets finding fresh sushi and yummy pasta dishes. Food could be expensive at times but mostly, if you found the right shops a tight budget could be managed.  

Happy Travels!!

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