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First thing to point out here is that I love me a honey!!!

When being Vegan, honey can be a mixed process and a real try and see approach. I have tasted many standard brands over the time, and often come away feeling mehhh.

Things I look for in a honey-

1- Shiny texture

2- Invigorating smell

3- Taste buds a tingling

I often eat mine with warm porridge and protein pancakes so an ability to cope well with heat is a must. You'd be surprised at how many split when at a certain temperature.


I was scrolling across Instagram (as you do) and came across Grace's Vegan Pantry  which was used for a porridge dish. They were using a pineapple honey. I am a massive fan of this fruit especially mixed in a shake. So a honey yes please. (american acccent)

After making a warm porridge I mixed in the honey and was really happy to see it had sweetened the porridge using a smooth and deep consistency.

The warm and smooth texture is a delight and sticks on your tongue right into the next bite.

It's obvious these products are made with love and show a care and attention for detail.

They are now stocking in various shops in the south, head to their site to find one near you!!

On to the lemon Curd next woopppppp.

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