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  • by Administrator
  • 16-04-2018
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It's easy in life to get bogged down with what is good and what is bad for you! But what does that really mean, and how to even begin to find out which foods are which.

I have long been trying to see food instead of how it makes me feel and more about its benefit to my body both nutritionally, and it's affects on my energy levels. For me this slight change has allowed me to make smarter choices when making a meal plan or finding a post workout meal. It brings awareness into how the food is benefiting the body and what affect that will have on me in my life.

It's very important to try and move away from labeling something as good and bad as this can lead you to develop a negative mindset towards food, and the secret to a successful diet plan is to remain positive as best you can.

If we see the nutritional benefits of each key groups of food we can then apply this base to create multiple different meal options but keeping that essential groups of core principles.

let's take an example of this. Knowing what our wholegrain carbohydrate options are such as Couscous, Quinoa, Rice and Spelt. We can base our meals around them and chop and change dependent on weather, meal times and exercise requirements. So what this does is avoid the common stance which is Carbs are bad for me so I'm going to cut them out, which in reality is going to leave you tired, frustrated and ready to quit.

I have to admit bringing awareness to different calorie amounts and how this affects our digestion can take time to develop. But if you read labels, ask for help and even use Pintrest which I have to say gives me a lot of meal ideas. You will soon be a master manipulator of food groups and have the knowledge to manage your diet effectively.

Key points is to stay positive, take time to plan what you eat and if your stuck don't be afraid to ask for help!!

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