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0 Gluten free Protein pancakes

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  • 06-09-2018
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Here's my attempt at some super tasty and great Protein pancakes. Topped with the awesome Coconut Merchant  coconut spread.


1 cup of gluten free flour (I used Teff co)

1 scoop of Vegan protein powder ( I use Revolution-foods)

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 sea salt

1 cup of water

3 tbsp of coconut and cocao spread

1/2 cup of granola


This recipe is super easy and a great way to start the day knowing your belly is full of protein and simple carbohydrates. The recipe has no oil or sugar and if you get a great vegan protein powder, it will contain a natural sugar additive like Stevia. The powder I buy has added amino acids, which is ideal for maintaining muscle muscle growth, promote gut health and provide us with vital energy.

  1. So to start you add all the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl
  2. Add the water and mix until thick, use a little extra if need be
  3. Cook in a hot frying pan until the pancake can be moved, then flip
  4. Ensure the middle is fully cooked
  5. Heat the coconut spread in a pan until runny
  6. Then in a bowl mix with a small amount of water until thick
  7. Add the granola and enjoy

These have become a real staple of my weekend prep, give them a try and enjoy the yummy taste of coconut without the nasty additives.

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